Optimize Your Retail Business With Going Paperless

For a quite long time, people always relied on paper to run their business. From keeping an inventory record, making a trading contract, or even just giving out receipt order. Paper has always been the most trusted media to keep

Paper Free School for Millennial

Have you ever wondering how much trees being cut down to make papers? We only need 24 trees to make 1 ton of paper. Sounds like a small number right? Let do a simple math, if a school needs 5

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How Going Digital Can Save Earth

Gone are the days of outdated invoices, wasted documents, and filing cabinets. Now workplaces have taken a paper-free appearance for a better environment. With the rising campaign about saving the planet, companies around the world are finally waking up to

Why Using AdeptForms for Your Security Agency?

Digital forms are electronic form which can be filled online via website in computer or mobile app. Digital forms are easier to be filled with pre-setting fields, easy to access, and save time on reporting. Nowadays, many industries are encouraged

Digital Forms: Transform the Way You Work

Technology has brought the mobile devices into nearly everyone’s hand. However, despite of the fact that we are in the middle of digital transformation, most of us still rely on paper forms in running our business. Transforming your paper forms

What is Paperless Office? And How It Benefits Your Company?

Common offices have paper-based filing systems, which may include filing cabinets, folders, shelves, equipment, considerable space, and all of which require maintenance. So it is no surprise to most people that using paper documents within a business can be costly,

Advantages of Digital Inspection in Your Worksite

In construction and building renovation, many necessary periodic inspections are conducted. During such project, every company is required to do inspection to check whether the material or item is in proper condition and if it meets with the required standard